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Pretty Boy – M2m Lyrics & Listen

Pretty Boy – M2m Lyrics & Listen
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TeenHearts: Top 10 famous Celebrities (Internet)10. Donnalyn...

TeenHearts: Top 10 famous Celebrities (Internet)

10. Donnalyn...
: Top 10 famous Celebrities (Internet) 10. Donnalyn Bartolome Claim to fame: Dubbed as the ‘Silliest Beautiful Girl You Will Ever Meet,’ ...
Top 10 famous Celebrities (Internet)

10. Donnalyn Bartolome

Claim to fame: Dubbed as the ‘Silliest Beautiful Girl You Will Ever Meet,’ Donnalyn Bartolome rose to fame through short videos of her singing, dancing, and sharing her opinions. She proved that even by just doing ordinary things, you can gain an online following.

But what’s so extraordinary about this girl that her videos have gone viral?

Ruben Canlas explains, “Kasi may itsura rin siya. Iyon ‘yung attraction for her. Mapapatingin ka lang sa kanya habang naglalagay siya ng make-up kasi nagpapa-cute siya.”

(It’s because she has a pretty face. That’s what attracts people. When she puts on make-up, you’ll end up just staring at her because she makes these cute expressions.)

9.Budots Dancers
Claim to fame: While America has ‘Teach Me How to Dougie” and Korea has “Oppa Ganman Style,” the world has Davao to thank for their own signature dance craze, “The Budots Dancers”. “Budots” comes from DavaoeƱo word “Tabudots” which means “a person dancing in a crazy and funny way."

What gives the Budots Dancers their viral appeal?  The rawness of their performance, says Gelo Gonzales: “What they were doing was very candid and out of  script. They were just a barkada having fun.”


Claim to fame:  Ullyses Webb BasaClarence Adrian Villafuerte, Biboy Chua CabigonOwy Posadas,Oliver Lance Posadas, and Ranz Kyle Viniel E. Ongsee comprise the all-male dance troupe Chicser, which has taken the Internet by storm. These boys stole the hearts of many teen and tween girls with their One Direction and Korean pop group vibe.

“Alam natin how youngsters nowadays, eh, masyadong baliw sa K-Pop boy bands. Kaya rin siguro sumikat ang Chicser dahil doon,” Rommel Llanes explains.

Proving that their popularity can go beyond the online world, Chicser is now slowly crossing over to mainstream media with their recent TV guestings at shows such as ‘May Tamang Balita,’ ‘Pinoy M.D.,’ and ‘Tonight With Arnold Clavio.’


Claim to fame: Jem Mark Andrada, or Jemdahunk, danced his way to Internet celebrity-hood with his four-part video called ‘How to Dance in a Club.’ He demonstrated dance moves particular to personalities we often see in clubs such as “The Pervert,” “The Jock,” and “The Nerd.”

“Relatable si Jemdahunk not necessarily because Pinoy ‘yung ginagaya niya kundi kahit foreigners kayang maka-relate doon sa mga kilos,” says Ruben Canlas.

(Jemdahunk is relatable because he’s not just spoofing Pinoy moves. Foreigners can also relate to the moves shown in his videos.)

6.Kimpoy Feliciano

Claim to fame: Kimpoy Feliciano built a fanbase on YoutubeTwitter, and Tumblr with his boy-next-door charm and uniquely Pinoy wit.  This New-Zealand based social media heartthrob has over 460,000 followers on Twitter, 100,000 on Tumblr, 96,000 on Facebook, and 47,000 on Instagram.

How exactly did Kimpoy Feliciano attract such a huge following without a song number or dance routine to offer?

“‘Yung ginagawa ni Kimpoy, specific sa age group niya. So, may following siya doon. Siguro sa age group na iyon, patok ‘yung mga ginagawa niyang silly nonsense,” Ruben Canlas says.

(Kimpoy appeals to a very specific age group. That’s where he built his following. Teens can relate to his silly antics.)

5. Lola aegis
Claim to fame: Popularly known as “Lola Biritera,” Lola Felicitas Garcia became an instant Internet star when a video of her singing the Aegis classic “Halik” went viral.

“Si Lola Aegis has the qualities na talagang magiging viral. Nasa kanya ‘yung qualities na hindi mo ine-expect” explains Rommel Llanes. “Hinihintay mo kung pipiyok siya o papalapak siya, pero hindi eh. Ganoon talaga ang boses niya. Aegis na Aegis.”

(Lola Aegis has the qualities of a viral video star. You don’t expect her to have that kind of voice. You’re waiting for her to go off-key and mess up her performance, but she doesn’t. Her voice is really like that. She sounds just like Aegis!)


Claim to fame: Real-life couple Jamvhille Sebastian and Paoline Michelle Liggayu, or Jamich, is perhaps the most celebrated Pinoy love team on the Internet. Their Youtube channel, JAMICHTV, is one of the most subscribed Philippine-based Youtube channels.They have uploaded over 56 videos since May 2011 and have gained over 29 million views.

Is their kilig factor really that strong? “Simula ng panahon pa ng ‘Bagets,’ ‘TGIS,’ ‘Click,’ and other teen shows, uso na ‘yung kids falling in love or puppy love. Pumapatok iyon sa ganoon ang Jamich kaya sila ang premier Filipino online love team ngayon,” explains Gelo Gonzales.

(Puppy love has been popular among Filipinos, ever since the days of ‘Bagets,’ ‘TGIS,’ ‘Click,’ and other teen shows. It still clicks now. That’s why Jamich is considered the premier Filipino online love team.)

3.Bogart the Explorer

Claim to fame: With his faux Australian accent and hilarious observations about Pinoy life, former stand-up comic Marco Ho–now more popularly known as “Bogart the Explorer”–is a uniquely Pinoy cross between Dora the Explorer and Steve Irwin.

“Nakakatawa talaga kasi siya. Ang tabang lalaki, tapos local ‘yung itsura, tapos biglang Australian accent na ang daming kalokohan na ginagawa,” observes Romel Llanes.

(He’s really funny. Here’s this chubby guy who looks very local, but he’s speaking with an Australian accent and doing silly things.)

For Gelo Gonzales, Bogart the Explorer’s viral factor lies precisely in his being a natural comedian. “He’s a talented presenter and he has fresh ideas. He’s executing these ideas very well.”

2.Petra Mahalimuyak

Claim to fame: Megan Ashley Rivera, more commonly known as Petra Mahalimuyak, is a Filipino-American comedian who has done various funny how-to videos. Aside from her funny impression of a thick Filipino accent, what gives Petra Mahalimuyak her unique appeal?

“Aliw factor,” explains Romel Llanes. “Success ‘yung pagpapatawa niya. Nakakabilib pa, kasi maganda siya eh, may itsura. Pero ginagawa niyang katawa-tawa yung sarili niya.”

(It’s the aliw factor. She’s successful in making people laugh. What’s more admirable about her is because she doesn’t mind making herself look silly even if she’s pretty)

Gelo Gonzales adds, “Si Petrang Mahalimuyak, sa pangalan pa lang, alam mong may personality na. Malakas ‘yung personality niya and she has these crazy ideas.”

1. Fliptop/ Sunugan Rappers

Claim to fame: Fliptop or Sunugan is a rap battle between two people. Each rapper must possess the mental agility and cleverness to come up with witty insults on the fly. Fliptop was started by the Alaric Riam Yuson, or more commonly known in the Fliptop circle as Anygma, in February 2012. The battles not only generated millions of views, but have also sparked renewed interest in rap among young people and adults alike.

Among the most popular Fliptop videos are Loonie’s ‘Tao Lang’ with 5.6 million views and Abra’s ‘Gayuma’ with 16.5 million views.  

“You can see the sophistication. It shows na rap is poetry rin. May marvel at sining sa ginagawa nila,” explains Ruben Canlas.





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